Rodriguez Advisory


Rodriguez & Associates Advisory Group (“R&A”) is a Los Angeles based advisory firm founded in 1992 by Enrique (Rick) Rodriguez that initially specialized in the resolution of complex debtor-creditor transactions involving debt secured by real estate, stock and partnership interests. Over the last decade, R&A’s range of services has grown to include real estate brokerage, capital procurement, site selection and acquisition, civil litigation support and expert witness services. R&A regularly utilizes its knowledge of, and contacts with, the capital markets and financing sources to formulate solutions for lenders, debtors, creditors, investors and other clients.

Mr. Rodriguez is an experienced and knowledgeable expert witness with direct experience in the real estate, banking, mortgage, and finance industries for over twenty years. Mr. Rodriguez has testified (on behalf of a relatively equal mix of plaintiffs, defendants, debtors and creditors) at jury trials, bench trials, arbitration proceedings, mediation sessions and by deposition and declaration. Topics that Mr. Rodriguez has testified on include standard banking/lending practices, commercial and real estate financing, project feasibility, note sales, credit approval, loan administration, regulatory compliance and the feasibility of Chapter 11 plans of reorganization inclusive of the appropriate interest rates to be paid on secured claims. Mr. Rodriguez has a unique ability to communicate with juries and other triers of fact and can explain complex matters in simple terms.

R&A has satisfactorily handled matters involving in excess of $4.5 billion for over 300 clients.