“Mr. Rodriguez is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and well-qualified to consult with and testify concerning banking policies and procedures. Out office was involved in a dispute of great complexity, and under severe time pressure to offer expert testimony. Mr. Rodriguez and his staff set assife other matters and promptly reviewed tens of thousands of pages of documents to enable Mr. Rodriguez to provide valuable opinions that contributed to our client’s success in the dispute. For anyone having need for a banking expert consultant or witness, I endorse Mr. Rodriguez without hesitation.”

–W. Leslie Sully Jr., Esquire, Leavitt, Sully & Rivers


“In talking with jurors after trial, several commented that your testimony on the subject of commercial lending standards was particularly helpful to them in understanding the case. The case presented complex issues. Yet, according to several jurors, you presented the material in a way that made it easier for them to understand. They also found you to be very knowledgeable and credible. In sum, your testimony was invaluable to the success of the case.”

–Roger Behle, Esquire, Foley, Bezek, Behle & Curtis 


“Our firm handles high-profile, high-stakes banking cases, and Rick is one of the most astute, informed banking experts we have seen. His work is thorough and concise. Most important, Rick connects with jurors in a way few experts can. He has a wealth of banking experience and yet is an ‘everyman’ that jurors listen to with rapt attention. Jurors believe him because he is forthright and honest, and accept his analysis because they trust him. You can’t ask for anything more.”

-Cappello & Noël LLP 


“We have looked to Rick’s deep knowledge of commercial banking for more than a decade.  Whether acting as an expert or consultant, he is responsive, practical and best of all, exercises excellent judgment.  We are consistently satisfied with the results Rick produces.” 

–Laura Kennedy, Esquire, Cohen Kennedy Dowd & Quigley 


"...thanks for your invaluable assistance in resolving what was a very complicated financial issue that we were struggling to rectify. Our struggles had been on-going for a few years with no end in sight until you were brought in to help. Because of your professionalism and diligent analysis, what had been a truly frustrating financial problem was mediated and resolved.I’m convinced that the exceptional resolution of this controversy was in very large part the result of your expertise in problem solving with commercial bank institutions."

-Larry E. Coben 


“We retained Rick as an expert on construction financing in a significant arbitration in 2009. Rick did a great job, on relatively short notice, reviewing and analyzing the relevant materials and reaching his conclusions. He delivered powerful and concise opinions. He also turned his cross-examination into points in our favor. We have recommended Rick to others already.”

-Stuart Widman, Esquire, Miller Shackman & Beem 

“Throughout the trial Mr. Rodriguez displayed an exceptionally strong understanding of the case and of loan workouts, standards of care, risk assessment, due diligence, etc.  We found him to be well prepared and able to quickly assimilate the facts of this case.  His testimony, and the manner in which he credibly presented himself on the witness stand, was instrumental in assisting a successful outcome in our case.” 

-–Russell M. Moore, President- Orange Community Bank

"Rick Rodriguez combines an impressive background in commercial banking with common sense and a wonderful communications style, making him highly effective in conveying his opinions as a testifying witness to jurors and judges."

-Thomas J. Shroyer, Esq, Moss and Barnett 

“Rick Rodriguez' work for the Southeast communities of Los Angeles Unified remains unparalleled.  He enabled land to be found, bought, cleaned and constructed upon in such a transparent and beloved process that he remains a legend in the cities of the Southeast. The parents of students who were attending overcrowded year round schools remember him dearly.  As the school boardmember who had the opportunity to be his client on behalf of the families of LAUSD, I cannot think of a more passionate, capable, intelligent and committed professional than Rick Rodriguez.”

-David Tokofsky, Former Member of the Board of Education- LAUSD

“We are honored to have been with you from the start and thank you for your diligent and highly professional services. You should be justifiably proud of your many successes, but even more of the reputation for integrity you have earned along the way.”

-John B. Kilroy, Chairman of the Board- Kilroy Industries

“…We also plainly owe a great measure of our success on the banks’ claims to your testimony in helping to educate the jury to the fundamental weaknesses of the bank’s position. You also should be pleased to know learn that  plaintiff’s counsel went out of his way in his closing argument to try (plainly without success) to undermine your testimony― always a telling indication of the damages you inflicted on his client’s claims.”

-David Wagner, Associate General Counsel, KPMG

“Rick, you have made a significant contribution to this community. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have had you as our ‘voice’.”

-Padres Unidos de South Gate

“Your attention and dedication to both our parents’ and students’ needs demonstrates you are a great asset to the Los Angeles Unified School District. We truly appreciate your hard work”

-Parents in Action Committee


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