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Site Analysis and Acquisition

As part of a specialized engagement from 2000 through 2002, Mr. Rodriguez served as a Consulting Senior Facilities Executive for the Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”), responsible for three of the LAUSD’s eleven mini-districts. Mr. Rodriguez was hired to formulate and implement solutions to complex real estate challenges and to locate and acquire sites for new schools in dense urban areas such as East Los Angeles, the South East Cities and South Central Los Angeles. Fluent in Spanish, Mr. Rodriguez constantly interacted with the Hispanic community and worked with all levels of elected officials, and local leaders to designate sites for 33 schools, or 38% of the LAUSD’s 2002 building program. R&A utilized creative techniques from the private sector (such as option agreements, a land bank, joint-use agreements, and land swaps) to save the District millions of dollars in site acquisition costs. After departing from the LAUSD in 2002, Mr. Rodriguez continued to provide site selection and acquisition services to various charter schools.



Using his expertise in finance and real estate, Mr. Rodriguez frequently provides consulting services, litigation support and/or expert testimony on a pro bono basis in cases brought against predatory lenders and perpetrators of foreclosure rescue scams. Most noteworthy, is Mr. Rodriguez’s recent endeavor to help troubled homeowners restructure their mortgage and save their home by acting as the homeowner’s agent and negotiating with the lender. Mr. Rodriguez developed this program in 2009 in an effort to give struggling homeowners an alternative to the many loan modification companies often charging thousands of dollars for loan modifications.

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